Serving Suggestions

Serving suggestions for g-tube

Unfortunately NutriiVeda (NV) is no longer being produced.  Sophie and I have been fortunate in being a part of testing a new product called IQed.  To see more about IQed and to order please see We are hopeful that this new protein powder, “nutritional superfood” will be as good as or even better than the NV has been for Sophie.  The first batch is due to go out the end of August, 2015. 

This page is to help you get started with giving NutriiVeda.  I have solicited ideas from my friends who have started their kids on the NutriiVeda, a number of them have fairly complicated kids. Many have G-tubes and are completely dependent on G-tube feeding, or get the majority of their nutrition this way.

G-tube feedings can be challenging.  Tubes clog easily, drip feeding can disconnect and make a mess let alone you loose the nutrition.  We are all pretty busy with ours lives with the added parts of taking care of a special needs child.

If this were a world where I had unlimited time and energy, I would try to make my own blended foods. And I did try, long ago, but Sophie’s gut is so complicated that whatever I did she would go into pseudo-bowel obstruction, a very painful, life threatening situation that results in a hospitalization for us.  At least for us, the solution came with a very convenient product that gives her a lot of the nutrition her body clearly needed. And the synergy of the NutriiVeda , the blending of the East and West nutrition seems to be a key to helping her digestion and absorption. I am in love with this product, and want anyone who thinks it might help their child (or older adult, or yourself…whomever) get better nutrition.

Here are some tips to get started:

If your child is complicated, PLEASE SHARE THE NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION with professionals that work with you.

Remember, this is nutritional FOOD.  I suggest using it as an adjunct to your child’s nutritional needs.  It isn’t a complete food substitute, NutriiVeda is missing essential fatty acids (fats) and does not have iron.  I mix in FISH OILS and she gets additional iron supplementation.  Sophie’s bulk of her nutrition is still through her central line-direct to her heart.   But with the shortages of essential ingredients, I am so happy that I have NutriiVeda on board to keep her healthy.

If your child is complicated in the GI area, I would recommend starting slowly.  I started extremely slowly, I used 1/4 of a scoop once a day and slowly built up the amount I give her over time.  I think it took me 3 months to build up to 3 scoops- after that I did raise her to her current amount of 4 heaping scoops, 4 times a day. (May 2013)

THE DOSING IS HIGHLY PERSONAL.   Everyone is different.  Depending on your child’s needs, weight and age it will vary.  Little ones probably will do well on 2 scoops, some go much higher, but this is a good amount to aim for.  The canisters are about 1 scoop per day for a months worth.

The NV thickens if it is set out for any length of time.   Adding it to the canned formulas may make it too hard to get thru the extension tubing.  Some have had success with pushing with a plunger.  A key is making sure it is thoroughly mixed either when giving with just water, or in the formulas.  Extra water is highly recommended!!  And remember, it should never be heated-that will destroy the composition/efficacy.  My daughter Sophie has a large foley, not a true g-tube.  The getting it into her in that respect hasn’t been an issue for us. We just gravity/bolus it into her g-tube mixed in about 6ozs/200cc of saline water.  Sophie needs additional salt in her diet, and her GI doctor and I thought it would absorb better.

Soon I will post other serving suggestions, for others that eat traditionally and those picky eaters, but wanted to get this on the blog.

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