Sophie’s improvements: before NutriiVeda and after NutriiVeda

In the near future I’m going to expand on all of the things that have changed with Sophie since we started to give her the NutriiVeda.  Here is a list of what we have noticed:

GI tract working better– stomach emptying faster/easier, whole GI tract working (used to almost always eliminate thru the cecostomy tube, now she poops also.)

Sleeping much better– she’s on a lot of meds to help her sleep which has always been an issue, we managed to wean her off one med and working towards lowering others.

Stamina-as you’ll see in the videos she is able to do more for longer periods of time in her physical/occupational therapy sessions.  She used to fall asleep on her teachers in the late afternoon, not any more!

Verbalizes more and is willing to communicate more.  She “talks” thru a communication device and typically would do one or two word requests.  Now she is more willing to expand on what she is trying to say.

Much clearer minded– she’s doing better and better in school and amazing her tutors!

More healthy in general– what used to throw her system into pseudo-bowel obstruction and send her to the hospital is easily managed from home without obstructing.  Rarely gets sick.  Blood work which has been pretty bad in the past is slowly improving.  She’s healthy enough now that she has gotten her period for the 1st time at age 19!

Just a much happier child who is mostly pain free in her GI tract- a true blessing!



I’m posting these videos to show the strength, energy and mental improvements we have seen in Sophie over this past year+ (end of 2011 to 2013).  Sophie has a rare disorder, HSAN type 2, non-CMT.  This disorder effects the autonomic systems of the body.  Sophie’s main issues are GI-tract related, along with not feeling pain.  She uses a wheelchair for mobility, though she can scoot on her bottom.  She has fairly severe scoliosis which makes it difficult for her to move.

These first examples are of how additional, natural and good nutrition has helped her to gain strength and energy. Sophie has a horrid sleep disorder so her nights were a nightmare and  she’d sleep through a lot of her therapies.  She gets a combined Physical and Occupational Therapy once a week.  This is independent therapy, as Sophie is home-tutored by the school district, due to her health issues.  I am incredibly proud of her accomplishments.


Here is Sophie back in 2011, before NutriiVeda:

insert 2011 video

During the 1st year on NutriiVeda, we saw energy and strength  improvements.

Here is a clip of her using a suspension lift along with a bar for her to learn to hold on.  The therapists had to give her a lot of instruction and cues.  Sophie, due to her lack of sensations, doesn’t maintain a grip well.

Early 2013 the therapists decided to add a back facing walker, but still have the suspension:

This is the most recent clip of her walking in May 2013.  We haven’t attempted her to walk in a walker since she was a small child. Though she still has a lot of support, she is definitely moving in the right direction! So very, very proud of her!

Her therapists have noticed the increased energy and strength.  They wouldn’t have even attempted to put her in a walker a few years back (even if she was awake.)

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