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Sophie Newsletter November 2002- new helpers

Sophie News

November 2002     

The Pruntys 2002

The Pruntys 2002


Hello Everyone!

Been wondering what the Sophie Prunty Clan has been up to?  We’ve had a busy last half of 2002.

Sophie decided to have a long stay at the hospital in August/September/October.  We headed there on August 24th and were finally home on October 12th.  Six weeks in all (ok, so we were home for 2 ½ days in the middle).  We’re not certain what put her stomach into crisis.  She started retching and can’t stop, even to sleep.  She gets exhausted, dehydrated and all sorts of other problems pop up.  She also had some additional infections.  The basic treatment is sedation and enforced rest.IMG_0279

Sophie’s wonderful medical helper, Agnesse, stayed with Billy.  We called in Rick’s parents (bless them!!) when the weeks kept coming.  Jody’s email group helped her to vent when the days got tough.  Rick managed to function at work thanks to his incredibly supportive boss and co-workers.

The total exhaustion has worn off, but we are still just getting back to what is “normal” in our home.  Prior to Soph’s emergency, we were beginning to set up her annual fund raiser.  This has been a tough year for everyone, and with all of our excitement, the committee decided to postpone the event until mid-February.  They are planning a wonderful evening event; we’ll keep you all posted!

We have been paying Agnesse, along with Sophie’s therapy, home program and plenty of medical expenses with your generous gifts to Sophie’s fund.  Fortunately for us, Agnesse has been able to help us out on numerous occasions, but insurance will not cover her.  Our new insurance covers only minimum nursing (such as the blood draws Sophie gets every other week).  Agnesse is not a nurse but she does a phenomenal job with all of Sophie’s nursing tasks.


We have made decisions based on the best interest of Sophie and the family, and we felt that to lose Agnesse would be a hardship that we couldn’t endure.  Jody would certainly go insane, with the added jobs of insurance tracker, Sophie’s program director, Home-schooling coordinator, therapy coordinator, trying to fix up the house to accommodate everyone’s needs (no final decision has been made to stay in the current house or move) …..and hey, isn’t Jody Billy’s mom?

We know that all of you have your favorite charities that are usually asking for donations at this time of the year.  In the past, we’ve tried to steer clear of this time of year, but we find ourselves in a different type of crisis this fall. Sophie’s fund is almost empty.  By deferring her fund raiser, we have exacerbated the financial difficulty.  Sophie’s hospital stay really took a toll on her account with all of the additional time that we needed help at home.

In short, we need help now.  We may bring back the golf outing next year but we really are missing the funds.  Here’s a fun way you may be able to help now.  Do you have a large jar of coins in your house?  We did.  Our bank will count them for free.  Maybe yours will too.  How about donating these to the One in A Million Fund?  It’s a great excuse to get rid of them, and will be truly appreciated.  If you live near us, drop them off and we’ll do the counting for you.   We call it the “Change for a Better Life” contest.  We’ll let you all know who was the biggest collector.  That person could get a prize.  What do you say?  Start emptying those jars, drawers, socks, whatever.  Send your donations —- (no longer a fund for Sophie as she is over 18)

Other news…

Sophie has another new person in her life that we want to introduce to you.  A home tutor program was started this year after much discussion with the school district.  Sophie’s new teacher, Mrs. B, is wonderful.  She comes 3-4 mornings a week to tutor Sophie in subjects related to what is happening in 2nd grade.  Sophie goes to school for “specials”- Art, Music and P.E.  This one-on-one teaching is similar to what we do in her home program.  Sophie is thriving on this familiar learning method and the less complicated home environment.  This approach makes it easier to see how very smart this kid really is.  Sophie has also started Girl Scouts with the special recreation department of our park district.  She is being assisted by Nicole, one of her buddies from the home playroom.  She is having fun with the other kids.

Jody has been busy helping with two organizations she became involved with in order to “give back” to the special needs community.  She is a part of two Family Advisory Committees- one is the Loyola Ronald McDonald Children’s Hospital, and the other is a place called CoACH House.  CoACH house (formerly known as Respite House,) is a beautiful facility that provides round the clock care for kids in fragile health so that their parents can take a break.  They have services from a few hours up to 2 weeks.  CoACH is a not for profit facility that provides a home like environment.  This place is amazing in their caring and love for special kids.  We hope to enjoy CoACH House’s services soon.

We wanted to include a belated thank you to another person who always makes it a priority to stop in and visit Sophie when she is in the hospital- thanks, Jerry!

And thank you so very, very much.  Sophie has recovered from her recent hospitalization with the energy and strength that always amazes everyone.  Her therapists, doctors and the people who work with her in and out of her playroom are all thrilled with her great ability to bounce back.  This little girl, now almost 9 years old is an inspiration to all who meet her.IMG_0278

Please consider the One In A Million Fund as one of the places that you can make a difference for this year.

May the blessings of the holiday season be with you all year.

Much love,            Jody, Rick, Sophie and Billy Prunty




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