As She Turns 20…

Wow. Today, December 28, 2013, Sophie turns 20.  Was it really 20 years ago that I held this mystery child in my arms for the very first time? What a celebration for our hearts as friends and family eagerly awaited this child along with us.  We had already struggled through many miscarriages, hopes dashed, and … Continue reading


Being not present.

One of the most frustrating things that is tied to this life I lead, is not “being there” when I so desperately want to be there.  You see, there is care giving, and then there is CARE GIVING.  When your child has fragile medical needs, it takes an army of people and coordination to do … Continue reading

Who Might Benefit from IQed, the replacement for NV?

Who Might Benefit from IQed, the replacement for NV?

  NutriiVeda (NV) is no longer being produced.  We have found another product that Sophie and I helped in the product testing.  It’s everything that NV was and more!  Please see for more information.  The first batch is due out the end of August 2015.  I’ll keep you all posted on how Sophie does … Continue reading