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A Golden Memory

A Golden Memory

December 28, 2021.

This is the date of Sophie’s Golden Birthday. She would have been 28th on the 28th.  While it hurts some, she’s now been gone from her earthly body for some 950 days. Two years, 7 months, and 5 days. (Don’t worry-I used a date calculator.)

I’m ok. I will be ok. My grief will always be there, showing up in different strengths and forms. Those who lose a child understand this. Those that have lost a loved one will understand this. Those that don’t, aren’t your tribe.

Sophie’s brother, Bill and Mom, Jody

We honor the light of Sophie by visiting the Morton Arboretum Illuminations light show every year. The Chicagoland hadn’t had any snow until the morning of the 28th. I’d like to believe that this gorgeous snowfall was from Sophie, to make the lights even more magical. These years have been tough from so many perspectives, but she always seems to send me some love.

From those of you that follow this blog, I sincerely thank you.  I love to write, but it has been hard to put words on paper/computer after Sophie died. I’m working on that as I work on myself.  If you are interested in my writing, and life after The Girl on Fire, I am starting a new blog called “Walk On.”  Those two words have so many meanings for me. To learn more, look for my new blog in the coming days.

Until then, keep learning, keep going, keep loving, keep memories alive.

Walk on.

3 thoughts on “A Golden Memory

  1. Sophie’s spirit left so much with all who knew her, it’s not surprising she had snow for her Golden Birthday! Thank you for writing. Thank you for sharing the love that Sophie continues to bring to this world 💜

  2. Oh Jody, I love Walk On from the therapeutic riding perspective as that’s the voice cue we use for the horses. Beautiful blog post and I was at illumination before the snow fall and repeatedly thought how much more beautiful it would be with snow. I’m so happy she sent it to you. Love you.

    • Carrie- as you will see, that is just one reason for Walk On. Such fond memories of Sophie telling Billy to walk on….wish I could find a picture of those moments. It is my hope that this year of grief will be easier on you. It is never easy. I know you will honor your Dad in the trail rides and the work you do so well. Love you my friend.

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