A tree lined street. Life changes.

A tree lined street.  Life changes.

“I think that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a tree.”

From “Trees” by Joyce Kilmerphoto (18) - Copy

Our neighborhood is in the process of change.  In the early 1980’s our subdivision was built as starter homes, and the builders and the city imagined tree lined streets, as do most.  Move ahead approximately 30 years and the small trees are now majestically filling the thoroughfares.  photo_3 (6)Move ahead just 2 years and those majestic trees are now dying.


Yep, the dreaded emerald ash borers have devastated our sweet blocks.  The builders and city didn’t see this coming.

photo_2 (14)



1398052_10152512162052947_1750225004104888576_ophoto_1 (14)


A little history: The emerald ash borer came into the U.S. from Asia around 2002.  This little pest was probably in wood that was used for crating products in cargo ships. Without thought towards this future infestation, the streets held beauty in the almost singular arching branches of the ash tree.  Fall and Summer were gorgeous views, homes to many squirrels and birds in Winter and Spring.

Today our tree came down.


I have been walking our corgi in the neighborhoodphoto (18), watching the progress of the arborists assigned to take down all these trees.


My heart hurts for our little neck of the woods.  Now fairly barren.  photo (19)New trees will be planted in the future, using smarter, more diversified tree planting plans, but the majesty is lost now.  The next generation will hopefully see the beauty of our area’s thoroughfares.  We are left with memories.IMG_0469


Last December, 2013, we celebrated Sophie’s 20th birthday at the Morton Arboretum in Lisle, IL.  They put on a magical light show in the evenings during the winter holidays around their many beautiful trees. There you find incredible diversity in trees. Like all of the varied friends we have made.


Reminding me the lesson learned that diversity is important.  New growth is important.  Big old trees are important. Taking pictures of your neighborhood during all different seasons is important.  You never know when you will need to place them in your memories.

Go hug a tree today.

Sophie, "Big Billy" and "Little Billy" tree hugging Morton Arboretum Dec 2013

Sophie, “Big Billy” and “Little Billy” tree hugging Morton Arboretum Dec 2013

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