Who Might Benefit from IQed, the replacement for NV?

Who Might Benefit from IQed, the replacement for NV?



NutriiVeda (NV) is no longer being produced.  We have found another product that Sophie and I helped in the product testing.  It’s everything that NV was and more!  Please see www.getiqed.com for more information.  The first batch is due out the end of August 2015.  I’ll keep you all posted on how Sophie does on this new product! 

Anyone would be my 1st answer.

Those looking to add some very healthy calories to their daily diet.  And it’s very convenient.  Like most everything, it is not complete- it should be used in addition to a balanced diet. IQed is more complete, having added in a small amount of Omega 3 (chia powder)

Special Needs.

Anyone with special needs that is looking for adding some of those hidden nutrients found in real food not found in the canned formulas.  For whatever reason, this combination of real food ingredients appears to help the body on so many levels: cognitively, strength, stamina, energy level, sleep issues, mood.  At least it does for Sophie and I’ve read a number of  “testimonials” from other parents.  My daughter has severe GI tract issues- so severe that she is dependent on IV forms of nutrition.  This is the only thing that her system has accepted.  And I want to reach as many families as possible that this might be the key to helping your family member.  It has certainly “rocked our world”!

On a blended diet?  I’d add this to the blend as the protein (21g per 2 scoops),  remembering that it’s the synergy of what is in it that seems to make it so powerful. See the ingredient page for more information.

We started out very, very slowly, and worked up to 4 heaping scoops per 24 hours with Sophie.  You have to find the right amount that works and gives them benefits.  It is not age or size dependent.  I recommend working up to 2 scoops and then adding more over time to see if you get more benefits.   Be sure to keep them well hydrated!

People with GI Issues

Again, I would stress having your doctor or/and nutritionist look at this product.  It has very healthy ingredients, but as we know with our own child, just because it’s healthy doesn’t mean it will work for you.  I would love feedback from others with GI issues such as short gut, slow motility, Crohn’s, IBS, gastroparesis and the like.  I was shocked that Sophie could tolerate it, let alone thrive on it.  Will she ever be able to survive on food the conventional way?  Probably not, but just a small amount of good nutrition through the GI tract has made an amazing difference in her quality of life.


I can see this helping seniors who aren’t eating as healthfully as they should.  Again, be sure they are well hydrated!

Wanting to Cut Back on Some Unwanted/Unhealthy Meals?

As a replacement meal for one of your meals. At 150 calories per 2 scoops, with a few additional ingredients in a shake you have a great way to start your day.  That’s what my husband and I do.  I think of it as a protein powder shake with added benefits.  We use 2 scoops with a small amount of organic yogurt, 1/2 banana, about 1/2 teaspoon of locally harvested honey, ice chips and water, blended.

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