Independence Day

Independence Day

Crazy at it seems, we have a wonderful corgi, Cleo, who in the last year or so has acquired DM (Degenerative Myelopathy)- meaning that she is slowly loosing the function of her back legs.  Who would have thought that our home would have not one, but 2 wheelchair owners?  That both of them have a form of Neuropathy, Cleo’s being degenerative, Sophie’s is not.

Sophie and Cleo with wheels 8-25-12

And then I decided that this was destiny.  My dog lives in a perfect environment for her disability, thanks to my daughter’s needs.  Still, we needed some tweaking of things to make it accessible for both of them.  The slippery tile in the kitchen means my pup hasn’t been the cleanup committee. Unless she learns how to use her wheels.




Ah and the wheels.  Just like Sophie, Cleo needed to be fitted and trialed with a few options out there.  And with the help of some amazingly devoted people, we are learning how to live with a disabled dog. Her breeders got me started,we borrowed an Eddie’s Wheels cart which turned out to be too heavy for her. The corgi community is very caring. With the help of the internet that keeps me connected to all things, an amazing website:  and the Facebook group, Corgis on Wheels, we acquired perfectly fitted wheels from the folks at K9 Carts.  I was able to start this new journey with my best friend.

She’s in no pain, but the care and upkeep have gone up a notch.  In my already busy life I’ve added another layer.  To some it might seem like a huge burden, another duty.  But to those that love their 4-footed children, that love animals as I do, it’s well worth it to see her happy. I hope to see her soon chasing the squirrels as she so passionately guards her backyard.  I get a little more time to look into her eyes filled with love, my companion that helps to keep me sane on impossible days.


DM doesn’t come with pain, at least not for now.  My furry friend is happy and slowly learning to use her wheels.  It’s taken time as she is a timid thing.  How appropriate that she finally “got it” on Independence Day!

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