Interested in IQed?

Interested in NutriiVeda??

Unfortunately, NutriiVeda (NV) is no longer being produced.  But fortunately Sophie and I have been involved in the testing of a new product that is a replacement for the NV.  Please visit the site, to read about this product.  The first shipment is coming out at the end of August, 2015.  It looks to be as good as if not better than NV.  We are very excited to see where this new “Nutritional Superfood” takes her! 

If you’ve read thru the “history” link, you will know why I’m passionate about NutriiVeda.  I can’t help but believe there are other people out there that would benefit from this combination of ingredients.  I have spent years and lots of money on various trials of things that would help my daughter’s GI tract work, let alone work  better.  I’ve known that Sophie wasn’t getting all the nutrients she needed to thrive, but many of the things I tried wouldn’t work for her-ending in pseudo-bowel obstruction and hospital stays.

I’ve encouraged my friends with kids with special needs to try it, even if only for some added vitamins/micronutrients that the g-tube formulas/nutritional drinks that are out there don’t provide.  I would love for anyone who wants to eat better to give it a try.  It also hardly impacts our life, one  that is filled with medical procedures, and is easy to incorporate into a crazy life.  If I had unlimited time and money, maybe I would make my own formula from scratch.  But reality says it’s not going to happen, and for whatever reason, the formulation from Zrii seems to help a number of people with speech issues, people on the autism spectrum, or those with special needs.  No promises here, just know that Sophie’s delicate gut handled it- a miracle in itself!  She hasn’t been this healthy, this happy, or slept better in many years.


If you are ordering for someone with special needs, please get an ok from their doctor. NutriiVeda is a refreshing 100%-natural high quality protein that combines a proprietary blend of 7 Ayurvedic botanicals along with over 22 vitamins and minerals from whole food sources, 100% water soluble fiber, and ALL the essential amino acids replacing the need for a multivitamin.(Essential means your body can’t assimilate it so needs to consume it, but many don’t eat healthy enough) The scientifically proven ingredients in NutriiVeda have been shown to support the metabolic system and is casein, gluten, sodium, caffeine and fat free and contains no preservatives.

Each ingredient in NutriiVeda is certified as food and tested FREE of any heavy metals, pesticides or herbicides, specifically formulated and endorsed by world renowned medical doctors. To see Nutritional information click here. 

The products are expensive, but for a very good reason. All of the ingredients are tested for purity, and the whey protein in NutriiVeda is of top quality.

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